Kingsey MAP

St Nicholasโ€™ Kingsey

Mission Action Plan

Kingsey carried out a SWOT analysis, the results of which are as follows:


  • Kingsey Breakfast
  • Brilliant set of volunteers
  • Talent and dedication of volunteers
  • A friendly church


  • Lack of volunteers
  • Small village
  • Lack of communal facilities
  • The road


  • The Church is the only public building
  • Families at the Kingsey Breakfast
  • The number of children currently in the village
  • The development of the breakfast service
  • The potential for a small group in future eg. Lent Course, big volunteer ministry team, artist in residence project.


  • An ageing congregation
  • Finance
  • A lot of children in one age group

Strategic Goals

This year

  • Keep Kingsey Breakfast thriving through publicity
  • Keep other services and give a focus to festivals
  • We have a mission project for 2016 focussed on having an artist in residence in August to renew our altar frontal. The mission projects need developing throughout 2016.

For the next 5 years

  • Develop pastoral ministry via benefice visiting team
  • Deepen the faith of our congregation
  • Find more folk committed to volunteer and give regularly
  • We need to be able to adapt to need and develop a flexible approach.

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