Equipped to Serve – Summer 2017

John 10:1-10  Revd Gordon Kuhrt 7th May 2017
Joining the flock: what does it mean to belong to Christ?

Acts 17.22-31 and John 14.15-21. Martin Hodson. 21st May 2017 Faith in action: what does it mean to follow God’s direction and how does the Holy Spirit help us?


We were pleased to welcome Cathrine Ngangira from Zimbabwe and Michael Lindsay from the United States for the first four days of Thy Kingdom Come 2017. The sermons from this period are below.

Acts 1.1-11 and Luke 24.44-53. Dinton Church benefice Ascension Day Service. Cathrine Ngangira. 26th May 2017. What is Ascension all about?

Acts 1.6-14 and John 17.1-11. Haddenham Church. Michael Lindsay. 28th May 2017.  Praying as Jesus prayed.

Acts 1.6-14 and John 17.1-11. Cuddington Church. Cathrine Ngangira. 28th May 2017.  Praying as Jesus prayed.

Acts 2:1-21 and John 20:19-23 – Revd. Nadine Rose 4th June 2017 Pentecost: how do we receive the Holy Spirit? The recording referred to in the sermon can be found here.

Sermon preached on the 50th Anniversary of Gordon Kuhrt’s Ordination

1 Peter 5: 1-4 and John 21: 15-17 – Ven Gordon Kuhrt. 11th June 2017. Why do we ordain people?

Acts 2.14-23 and John 16.5-15- Rev Margot Hodson. 11th June 2017. Trinity: reaching into the heart of God.

John 1.29-34- Rev Margot Hodson. 18th June 2017.  Be baptised: what does it mean to be christened?

Acts 2.42-47 and John 6.35-40 Rev Margot Hodson. 25th June 2017. Breaking bread: what is communion and why should we share it?

Acts 11.19-26, 14.21-23 and John 21.15-17 Rev Margot Hodson. 2nd July 2017.  Serving and leading: what is ordination all about?

Acts 3: 1-10 and John 15: 1-8 Rev Jonathan Hawkins – Being fruitful: What does it mean to be a Christian?

Acts 8.26-40 and John 7.14-18, 37-39. Rev Margot Hodson. 16th July 2017. Reading and sharing: how do we learn from the Bible and share our faith with others?

Markus Bockmuehl also preached on these passages in Cuddington and his sermon can be downloaded HERE

Acts 4.32-37 and John 13.1-17. Andy Hardy – 23rd July 2017 Serving and giving: how do we follow the pattern of Christ as members of his church?

Acts 2.29-41 and Matthew 28.16-20.  Rev Margot Hodson- 30th July 2017. Sharing our faith with others.

Cuddington Benefice Evensong Kings 10: 1-13. Martin Hodson- 30th July 2017. Solomon and the Queen of Sheba.


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